Will The Diablo 3 RMAH be a revolution for the gaming industry?

Do you think blizzard made a good move when they added the Real Money Auction House? In my opinion it was a great move! Game designers and devlopers main goal have for several years been to make a way to reward skilled players without damaging the other parts of the game. I am not suprised blizzard is the first company that have figured out a way to do this because of their success.

Richard Garriott, the man who created the Ultima series and Ultima Online. Richard is someone I look up to and inspires me. Heres a video when he talks about how he thinks the future of gaming will look like and he talks about how skilled players should be rewarded.

The video is also about his background in the Gaming Industry and its 42 minutes long , but I realy reccomend watching it.

I think that this new RMAH will change the gaming industry for ever and other game companys will start picking up on this. This is a way to make free to play games profitable and just adding someting thats good for the game. A big plus to blizzard about this.

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