Diablo 3 Gold Guide Tip One

Someting that I have learned from both World of Warcraft and Ultima Online is that when new  items hit us it will most likely skyrocket in price.

I Have made you a picture that shows you how the market often turns out.

Now how should you make use of this graph? well It's quite simple, use this few guide steps and watch the money flow in the first days and weeks in game.

  • Always try to get your hands on the game as fast as possible. The prices will be insanely high the first days.
  •  Sell your good finds as fast as possible, people will buy it for outrageous prices. You can just wait it out and buy them later.
  • When the prices take a dive after a few days because the AH gets flooded, I recommend you to buy everyting that is used in crafting, high end armor and just all items that have alot of meaning to the game.
  • Then slowly sell the items to not flood the AH. Study the AH and see when the prices will be high and the sell your stuff at those times for max income.
Haven't you heard about the new real money AH that blizzard are importing to diablo 3? look at one of my previous posts to read more
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