My Diablo 3 Gold Guide Pros & Cons

Today I would like to talk about the Pros and Cons about this Diablo 3 gold guide.

First of I am gonna talk about the Pros:

  • I am a harcore gamer and will be playing Diablo 3 alot!
  • I take part of all the information I can get my hands on just to inform my readers the best gold and money tips.
  •  I study Social Science and Economy which comes in handy. The AH in Diablo 3 will need both basic and advanced knowledge in economics to be mastered.
  • I am in young age, so I have alot of strength and energy to serve my readers posts every day.
And now the Cons:

  • My english is far from the best. I read my post over and over again to make sure the spelling and grammar is as good as possible.
  • My young age makes me a little bit less experienced.
Thats all I can think of, Thanks guys remember to check in again and stay tuned.

                                 A picture of me one year ago in high school.

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  1. It gets better with practice and more writing. My early posts looked like garbage when I got started blogging.