Will the Diablo 3 Economy be stable?

I have been getting alot of questions about the Diablo 3 Economy. How do we know the Economy won't crash like in Diablo 2?

I have a few points I will bring up to show you why the Diablo 3 economy will stay stable.

  • Diablo 3 will require internet connection which Diablo 2 didn't need.
  •  The need of internet acces means Blizzard can track everyting.
  • Blizzard have specifically told us that they have found a way to deal with dupes.

A few concerns I have.

  • In World of Warcraft botters was a huge problem and will most probably also be in Diablo 3
  • Everyting just drop in price because of the undercutting

We will of course be able to take advantage of the botter but I will talk more about that in another post.

Thanks and stay tuned for more!

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3 kommentarer:

  1. I think there's two aspects of this.

    Will cheats succeed in duplicating items and gold? I'm going to say I don't think so. There's been very little successful duping in WOW in recent years.

    Next will the economy be well-designed? Probably not. I'm guessing that the economy will depend on best is slot remaining just slightly out of reach but I think Blizzard will underestimate the drive of the players. But they do have the option of resetting the game by releasing expansions that raise the level cap (and which can alter item rarity to better contain the player base).

  2. Hello Stabs, thanks alot for your comment.

    Me either think that duping will be a big problem in D3. And I actualy think they know what they are doing when it come to the economy, they have so much experience and great staff at blizzard.

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