Diablo 3 Souldbound items

All of you World of Warcraft players know about Souldbound items, right? They made the high end items souldbound because people was buying the items for real money, and that means third market trading, which is illegal. Souldbound for you guys that not know is an item that is bound to your character so you can't give it away or sell it.

Blizzard have said that there won't be any soulbound items in Diablo 3 except maybe the highest item level items. And that to me sounds wonderfull, I never realy liked the soulbound items in World of Warcraft, if I get a good high end item and I dont want to use it, of course I should be able to sell it for a nice chunck of money.

The only problem is that the Auction House could be flooded with this high end items going around to different accounts because the demand ain't that high and there is never any items disappearing from the game. Of course people will lose their items when they die, because in Diablo 3 you will lose your character and items when you die. I realy hope they will make items "run out" of durability so items will be consumed everyday and that will keep them from flooding the AH.

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