My Diablo 3 Goals and Concerns

Things in Diablo 3 that realy concern me that I think will make it hard earning real money.

  •      Auction House Fees. Because there will only be one AH per currency and that will cause some huge competition and that of course mean undercutting wars that equals more fees and less income. 

  •     Making money just playing the game will most probably be minimum to none because of all the cheap labor countries that will farm hours on end for two bucks an hour.

Things in Diablo 3 that I realy look forward to.

  •     Use my knowledge useing the Auction House to its full potential and make real money instead of in game currency

  •     Enjoy the awesome game Diablo realy is and have fun while playing and making my gold.

  •      Share my tips with you guys and finish my goldguide that will be a huge help for you guys.

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