Speculating of were to invest your first money in Diablo 3

I have been speculating some about were to invest at the start of Diablo 3. Blizzard have revealed that items that are looted, that be said armor, jewels, weapons and so on can be salvaged with the Nephalem Cube. They have only still revealed three diffrent common reagents that will be in the Diablo 3 Beta and that is Bone, soul essence and common scraps.

This is how I will start my investments.

  • First I will sell "new" salvage reagents for a high price when they still are new.
  • When people starts salvaging more and more and flood the Auction House with reagents I will be buying the cheap ones.
  • Then Ill use the reagents I bought and start crafting items I see being usefull for some nice profit.
This is just as I stated my own speculations, Blizzard will most probably change things as time goes by.

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