Diablo 3 Gold Secret

 I will put alot of my time and effort in researching and analyzing in Diablo 3

    When I was playing World of warcraft and Ultima online earning gold wasnt realy a big task if you compare how hard it will be in Diablo 3. If you want to get alot of gold or money in Diablo 3 you will need to do strict reaserches and analyzes if you dont wanna follow a gold and/or money website that will give you the information. I will put days of my time to analyze both the Real money auction house and the in game currency auction house for my readers. I will be posting graphs that shows how I did the analyze and how prices change and how I can use that to predict trends.

    If you wanna make big money in Diablo 3 it will be all about predicting trends and turn it to your advantage and make huge profit. Ill show you some examples of how I could use the AH to predict a trend and for that ill use a graph.

    Now lets say this is a reward you get from a quest chain, when times goes on the first "wave" of players finish the quest chain so the supply starts to slowly go down (blue line), but people still want this item so the demand goes up (red line). If I see this in my analyze I start investing in that item (light blue dots)  because I think it will go up in price and as you see it keep raising in price which means profit.

    This is how my main goal to make money will be, and I will learn you guys how to see this patterns and trends and also tell you when I find one.

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    1. Hi Emil, very nice blog.

      I don't think your graph maps the situation you describe. If it's quest item both lines will go down. Demand goes down as people who complete the quest cease to become potential customers.

    2. Thanks Stabs!

      Good point there, someting to have in mind however is if there is other quests that for example give more experience or other rewards people might tend to do that quest instead and jump over this certain quest chain. (keep in mind this is just a basic model, how spotting trends can be done)

      Thanks for the comment Stabs!