My analyze of the Crafting in Diablo 3

Ever played Ultima Online?

Ultima Online had according to me one hell of an crafting system.

Almost all propertys was random when creating an item. People wasn't only crafting, people was playing characters that were designed for crafting and it was so fun people could sit for hours just doing their crafting stuff!

Will there be any Crafting in Diablo 3?

In Diablo 3 crafting is made by Artisans. Artisans is a special NPC that will use their skill in crafting and create the items you wan't for you. The Blacksmith is the first artisan you will encounter. The blacksmith can not only be used for crafting but also repairing and adding gem sockets which is realy important to increase the value on you'r items and increasing you'r profit.

How will the crafting system work then?

You will have to earn the artisans trust by doing quests. When they fully trust you they will follow you to the end and craft items on you'r demand. Have in mind that you'r artisans have to train thei'r craftig skill to create better items which will cost resources and gold. It's not like world of warcraft were you craft items to gain skill, thats not the case in Diablo 3. 

Your artisan will learn some recipes automatically but the good ones will be very rare and lootet from the monsters you slay. If you woul'd get lucky enough to loot one of this recipes, I highly recommend to use it and craft items and sell for some nice profit at the AH or RMAH. Crafted items that's rare will sell for tremendous amount of gold or money at the start.

Propertys will be random.

Let's say you are going to craft a pair of gloves. The gloves have two set propertys, and two random propertys. That means if you want a specific mod on you'r pair of gloves it might take several attempts to get the pair you want. If you'r lucky enough to craft some Very good items, don't hesitate sell them on the AH or RMAH as fast as you can, that will make you some nice money or gold.

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