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Hello Scrubs!

My name is KarMel also known as Emil in real life. I have been playing mmorpg games since I was about 11 years old, I started of with Ultima Online and I was a merchant that was running a big mall. Later when I was about 15 years old I saw items in UO getting sold for real money and i though.. Hey why not sell all the gold I make playing a merchanter? And I actualy made alot of money for my age. Then after the game "died" I moved over to World of Warcraft and did very well in the gold industry there also. I made huge amounts of gold and actualy ran a pretty successful WoW gold blog. Now after years in WoW I am sooooo excited for the new game Diablo 3! This blog will be about my shot of trying to make as much money/gold as possible and give you guys tips of how I do. I am also working on a gold guide that will be released once its finished and will most likely cost a few bucks but unlike World of Warcraft or any other game this guide will make you real money and actualy make your money back!

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