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4 kommentarer:

  1. Hey! I recently started up my own D3 blog and would like to be on your blogroll.


    Looking forward to reading and discussing your blog posts!


  2. Thanks for your contributions to this growing Diablo blogging community already! I consider this site to be my cousin since it's the same name just without a 3 after Diablo in it haha.

    I can vouch for Verity, he's been doing a great job contributing to my own blog and now has started his own. Good luck to everyone!

    If either of you need help learning to blog and earn an income online, please don't hesitate to check out my free blog on the subject: The Traffic Blogger.

  3. Thank you Marcko, I have indeed already checked that out and it's been helpful :).

  4. Hello guys! Nice blog Verity, and I see you are also from Sweden, nice! I love you'r blog, great design and posts. It's going straight to my blogroll!

    Hehe, I was actualy trying to take the "diablo3goldguide.com", when it didn't work I tried "diablogoldguide.com" but it didn't work either but I liked it without a "3" so I went for "diablogoldguide.net" instead! :)

    And as I said befour I am a big fan of The traffic blogger and reads is daily.