A possible Auction House tool for Diablo 3

All of you World of warcraft players out there have probably heard about auctioneer. Auctioneer is a auction house tool used for storing information, find great deals and scan the auction house for better details. I recently came across a guy from the Diablo 3 fans forum named "Molsterr" and he will put up a website called diabloauctions.net and will bebased on the Diablo 3 Auction House. The website will store all the information. The creator wrote that when you search for an item you will find:
  • Most recent Buyout Gold price
  • Most recent Bid Gold price (closest to ending, if no already ended found)
  • Most recent Buyout Real Money Price
  • Most recent Bid Real Money Price (closest to ending, if no already ended found)
  • DiabloAuctions.net’s Interactive graph & statistics app (more info below)
  • The items Salvageable mats, with the Recent buyout/bid information on each. (to help see if you should sell the mats instead, or if a crafted item, buy the mats instead)
"Molsterr" is also planning to have some kind of Interactive graph app that will give you information like:

  • Both a Gold and Real Money graph over the last month of an items value. (Note: Gold will be graphed at a real money value on the graph. EX: lets say $1 = 100g, if the item is selling for 300 gold, it will be graphed at the $3 mark).
    Interactive data points for each set of information on the add
  • When you mouse over, it will give you the Highest and Lowest of both the bid, and buyout, along with the avg of all auctions in that data point.
  • Clicking the data point will pull up a chart showing all information on the auctions that was used to plot that point on the graph. (Date recorded, its Bid, buyout, time left..ect)
I think this is an awesome idea creds to "Molsterr".

Have in mind blizzard will have to cooperate to make this possible so It's far from 100% sure this will go live.
For more information check out  Diablo 3 Fans forum and Diabloauctions.net. and remember to give him some feedback.

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  1. I will be really looking for to this site and analyzing the results the site will come up with.

    Nice list of features I must say

    Very ambitious but will hopefully prove to very useful