Hard earned items will be Hard to earn!

Blizzard have told us about a new level difficulty called infernal. Infernal will be extremly hard and will take very long time to master. To understand how hard it actually will be, we can compare the last level difficulty in diablo 2 called hell, with the new level difficulty infernal. The level cap in diablo 2 was 99 and the highest monster in hell was level 98. If you compare that to diablo 3 where the monsters will at minimum be at level 61 and the player level cap will be 60.

Something Blizzard also stated is that the very best items will come from infernal and be very hard to get. The rare items that comes from infernal will also be "tagged" so people actualy know how rare they are, which I think is a very cool feature. Something I have heard people arguing about is that they dont want the rarest items to be armor and wepon sets so everyone looks the same. Blizzard told us that the rarest items wont be item sets, as there will be other sets in the game. But running into someone that looks exactly the same is minimal because of all the color dyes and so on.

Have in mind blizzard can change the content as time goes on! Thanks, and stay tuned for more. Please comment and subscribe!

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  1. It's not Infernal level, it's Inferno level difficulty. Minor difference I know, but you want to get it right for keywords and search traffic. ;)

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  2. Actually the max level for monsters in D2 was 85 I think, so yeah in D2 at max level you would be 14 levels higher than anything out there!

    So in D3 with max level monsters actually having one over you its gonna be pretty damn hard! Might even require group play in order to overcome. I thinking heroics level in WoW!