Diablo 3 Gold Guide Tip Two

Today I am gonna talk about GPH, yes Gold Per Hour. You should always try to keep your GPH as high as possible and not waste your time ingame (if your not playing for fun and love messing around of course) There is a few factors people often decrease their GPH drastically I am gonna point out some of them.

  • Never sit around spamming you want to buy someting for a few gold or cents cheaper than the price at AH because your time sitting there spamming is worth more than buying that abit more expensive item.
  •  If people need your help crafting an item, tell them a price for the time it take you to craft it. (This should of course not include your friends or guildies)
  •  I am not one hundred procent sure how addons and stuff will work with the game but make sure to use all the legal one that will help you speed things up.
  • Just check the AH a few times a day, you dont have to sit there camping the AH because that will most probably decrease your GPH

Try to think like this, your time is worth lets say 1000 gold per hour or 10 dollars per hour. That means your time is worth 1000/60 = almost 17g per minute or 10/60 = almost 17 cent per minute. Then it might not be worth crafting that item that takes several minutes for a 10g tip or sitting at a city for hours spamming that you want to buy those items for a few gold cheaper than at the AH.

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  1. I hate it when I get a /w in wow from someone wanting a portal to dala. NOT WORTH MY TIME!

    Great post btw