A big part of the AH and RMAH will be Timing!

Diablo 3 gold guide Tip 4

For you that haven't played WoW It's quite simple. A big part to be successful at the Auction house in WoW was timing, knowing when to sell and buy items. As an example we can take the Potions, Flasks and Elexirs in WoW, to create all this consumables we had to use herbs. Herbs could either be gathered by hand or bought from another player on the auction house. When I were selling flasks I bought a stack of herbs for 20gold or less, because I knew that I could turn that around and make it into 40gold by selling the flasks on the auction house. But now to the timing part, You should always buy the cheap material from the auction house, you never want to run out of material when your items sells for high prices. Second thing is you want to look for patterns. In WoW all the raids was refreshed at Wednesdays so thats when alot of people were raiding, more people raiding equals higher demand for flasks so on wednesdays I was turning my 20g herb stack into 60-70gold instead of 40gold which is a huge difference in the long run. Now when Diablo 3 is released this is what you want to discover, small tricks to increase your gold income.


Are you afraid you won't get into the first "wave" of beta testers? Don't worry, Blizzard will be giving out alot more betakeys as time goes on.

  • Short gameplay + Likely issued = High attrition = Additional beta keys
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