The most common questions in Diablo 3

I see daily the same questions get asked over and over again.

Today I am going to answear the most common ones.

When is the Beta coming?

This is the number one most common question and It's incredibly easy to find the answear. 

Blizzard told us It's coming the third quarter of 2011 that be said around september.

Will you be able to make a living from playing Diablo 3?

I think making a living from Diablo 3 is highly unrealistic. It will of course depend on the amount of time and effort you put into the game. If you are extremely lucky and put all you'r effort into it and use all the help you can get It's possible to make a nice chunk of money, no doubt.

How high will the RMAH posting fees be?

They haven't stated any specific numbers but they told us it won't be based on the auction price. All posts will have the same fees. That be said, people will most likely sell their items in big quantities which is another possibility to take advantage of.

Will everyone look the same?

This is also a very frequently asked question. The anwear is NO blizzard have told us that all the best armor pieces won't be used as a "armor set" and people will mix different kinds of armor and dye them any color they wan'tt which means It's very unlikely to meet someone that looks exactly like you.

That's the most FAQ I will be writing about today, remember to subscribe.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beta should be happening by September 30th.

    Keys for press have already started going out but not for everyone just yet.

  2. Okey nice Markco, I was not aware of that.

    Thanks for you'r comment.