Diablo 3 Cd Key Update


So here is a quick update of the CD key that alot of you have been asking about.

The key will be given out October the 5th. Everyone that subscribes, Follows me on Twitter or Likes my Facebook page have a chance of winning, except Ivar X Kr who won the last one.

I wan't to point out this is not some kind of giveaway site, my passion is about making gold and thats what the website is all about, you should have some interest in gold aswell. If you'r just here for the CD key I would recommend you to just unsubscribe after the giveaway, It's a win win situation, I get the audience I wan't and you guys get what u wan't.

Sorry for the late gold tip It will come out on sunday, until then, remember to comment, share, spread the giveaway to you'r friends (Not like you will because that will minimize you'r chance of winning , but still worth a shot *smiles*)

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Diablo 3 Key Giveaway!

Anyone ready for some giveaways?

As I have promised I will be running another Diablo 3 giveaway.

All you have to do is either Like my facebook page, Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog in the sidebar. I will give away one Diablo 3 CD key, I haven't got enough money to giveaway more at the moment, I am sorry.

Don't send me emails asking to get it befour anyone else because that will not happen.

I hope everyone have checked out the D3 beta item database?

If not, go there right away. It's some very cool items and I will make a post next that's about some possible best sellers and usefull items.

Thanks guys, comment and stay tuned.

Invest In Rare Items With Care!

Now when the beta have been released I realy have to say the idea of buying and selling rare items has gone into dust, People have already aquired tons of legendary items in the beta and have driven the prices down ( on the gold auction house ). So I think it will be very risky to invest into "rare" and "legendary" items because of unstable prices.

There will of course be occasional exceptions with some items that will be good to invest into but I will do a post futher into the game.

How do you my fellow readers feel about the beta?

Did it held up to you'r expectations? 

I am quite happy actually, It's abit easy from times to times but It's just a quarter of the first act so there is plently of room for some harder adventures.

Beta and CD key Giveaways

Looking forward to the giveaways?

I bet you do!

More giveaways coming this week so stay tuned for that guys!

Do you wan't to take part of the giveaways? All you have to do to is subscribe in the sidebar. Also make sure to Like my page at facebook for quick updates and some information about  my real life :) Link

Earn Money While You Have Fun

Okey so I bet most of you hate "farming"?

With "farming" I mean sitting hours on end killing the same monsters.

Thats just the worst thing to do on earth.

Will you be able to make money or gold without farming?

I am safe to say you will easly be able to make money or gold without wasting you'r time on farming. This is of course by using you'r Artisans and the Auction House. Artisans will most probably be my main gold and money source in Diablo 3.

My goal in Diablo 3 will be to see how much gold and money I can make per hour and later release the best secrets for my fellow readers.

And when I wan't to maximize my income. I can't run around farming for a few cents an hour. The only time I will be farming is when the game forces me to it in form of quests and so on.

There is however a few exceptions."Rare" monsters is one of them, rare monsters is someting that spawns at a very slow spawning rate, sometimes several days. That means that they will have very good loot and this is someting I definitely will keep track of.

So while you have fun while earning money?

If you enjoy playing the auction house, find new ways to increase you'r income and learn you will definitely have fun while you make money. You can even just spend a few "boring" minutes a day doing you'r "things" on the auction house and so on and still make a bit of cash.

Thats everyting for today I know I have been an lazy ass not following my schedule, I have just been insanely busy with some other projekts at home. Thanks for tuning in guys stay tuned for more, comment and subscribe.

 Get you D3 Gold and Money secrets



Diablo 3 Giveaway Winner!

Hello Guys!

The end of the Diablo 3 CD key giveaway is here and alot of people have been subscribing! I am realy happy for that.

And the winner is...

Ivar X Kr

Congratulations my friend I have sent you an email, If you don't answear in five days the CD key will go to someone else.

Thanks guys, I know I have been lazy with the gold tips, but It's realy hard to find inspiration without playing the game. I will be releasing more tips and be holding more giveaway very soon! Stay tuned and subscribe for future giveaways!

The Community In Diablo 3

Doesen't all of you hate those game where the community is awful?

The game is full of fifteen year old boys screaming how bad you are and how you should uninstall the game?

Atleast I do.

The diablo series was designed as a single player game at first but now in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 blizzard  have started leaing towards the "MMO" style more and more.

Diablo 3 will let you choice yourself if you wan't to play with others, just you'r friends or alone. Diablo is designed so the monsters gets buffed if more players is on the server and they will also drop better loot, which is an awesome feature.

Will RMAH make the community worse?

When playing a regular "MMO" with a good community It's not hard at all to get the help you need. But will the real money evolve the community to someting awful because none wan't to share their secret information? In my opinion the real money will definitely change the community into someting bad. It won't realy matter though because you can easly play yourself or just with you'r friends. Scamming will be a scary part though. People will scam alot! And by alot I mean when someone will get a chance they will take it, even if its just a couple of bucks.

Wan't to take part of the Diablo 3 CD Key Giveaway? Make sure to subscribe, two days left.

Stay tuned for more guys!

Diablo 3 Cd Key Giveaway Information

Hungry for some Diablo 3?

Here is a video of me talking about the giveaway and some regular stuff about my website! Make sure to check it out and leave a comment of how ugly I am! :)

Some more specific information.

I will give away the CD key the 14 September that be said at Wednesday. Will post the winner here on the website.

If you wanna take part of the giveaway all you have to do is either subscribe here on my website at the sidebar or on my youtube account.

Thanks guys, comment, subscribe and stay tuned for more!

Ps. Sorry for the swearing at the end.

Diablo 3 CD Key Lottery!

I will be holding a giveaway of atleast one Diablo 3 CD key maybe more for my subscribers.

Do you wan't to take part?


More information will come tomorrow also a video of me talking about the rules and so on!

Thanks Guys, Stay Tuned!

Diablo 3 Gold Guide - Magic Find

For you guys that is not familiar with Magic Find who are a part of Diablo 2.

Magic find is a propery which will boost you'r "luck factor". With high Magic find you will be getting more magic items which of course is a good thing.

In my opinion this propery have both pros and cons. For me magic find will always be the main property of choice which means that my character won't be very poweful because of that, which sucks.

BUT In my opinion it's also a very cool feature and I am thinking of creating one character for farming with magic find and one character with my powerful gear for pvp.

What race will you play?

I have been getting a lot of question asking what class I am going to be playing, I have yet to decide between my favorite characters which is the Wizard and the Monk.

I think the Wizard will be a very good choice if you want to be a fast killer and I also think they will have a easier time stacking up magic find because they might now need as powerful gear as a melee class. Monks just look damn cool.

What Class Will You Play?

Leave a comment and feel free to subscribe!