Earn Money While You Have Fun

Okey so I bet most of you hate "farming"?

With "farming" I mean sitting hours on end killing the same monsters.

Thats just the worst thing to do on earth.

Will you be able to make money or gold without farming?

I am safe to say you will easly be able to make money or gold without wasting you'r time on farming. This is of course by using you'r Artisans and the Auction House. Artisans will most probably be my main gold and money source in Diablo 3.

My goal in Diablo 3 will be to see how much gold and money I can make per hour and later release the best secrets for my fellow readers.

And when I wan't to maximize my income. I can't run around farming for a few cents an hour. The only time I will be farming is when the game forces me to it in form of quests and so on.

There is however a few exceptions."Rare" monsters is one of them, rare monsters is someting that spawns at a very slow spawning rate, sometimes several days. That means that they will have very good loot and this is someting I definitely will keep track of.

So while you have fun while earning money?

If you enjoy playing the auction house, find new ways to increase you'r income and learn you will definitely have fun while you make money. You can even just spend a few "boring" minutes a day doing you'r "things" on the auction house and so on and still make a bit of cash.

Thats everyting for today I know I have been an lazy ass not following my schedule, I have just been insanely busy with some other projekts at home. Thanks for tuning in guys stay tuned for more, comment and subscribe.

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