The Community In Diablo 3

Doesen't all of you hate those game where the community is awful?

The game is full of fifteen year old boys screaming how bad you are and how you should uninstall the game?

Atleast I do.

The diablo series was designed as a single player game at first but now in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 blizzard  have started leaing towards the "MMO" style more and more.

Diablo 3 will let you choice yourself if you wan't to play with others, just you'r friends or alone. Diablo is designed so the monsters gets buffed if more players is on the server and they will also drop better loot, which is an awesome feature.

Will RMAH make the community worse?

When playing a regular "MMO" with a good community It's not hard at all to get the help you need. But will the real money evolve the community to someting awful because none wan't to share their secret information? In my opinion the real money will definitely change the community into someting bad. It won't realy matter though because you can easly play yourself or just with you'r friends. Scamming will be a scary part though. People will scam alot! And by alot I mean when someone will get a chance they will take it, even if its just a couple of bucks.

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Stay tuned for more guys!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Money can always be a problem, be it virtual (gold) or real (euro/dollar). Just have a look at WoW... not the best community at all, in my opinion (the forums are just horrible)... and WoW uses virtual money :)

    That said, scamming will not be easy. Players can NOT trade real money. You can use it on the anonymous auction house only. That will prevent a lot of problems.

  2. Yeah wow has gone to a smacktalk game with all the kids.

    Yeah scamming will most probably be a big part of D3 but blizzard did a great job in WoW preventing scams so they will probably do a good job in D3 aswell :)

  3. I think you are all confused. It will be easy to scam, since we can still trade. There will be similar item scams, there will be account trade scams, there will be money scams with non-legit companies.
    Just don't lump those non-legit companies with the companies who are legit. I know some people thing that if you break the rules (sell gold) that you aren't legit, and this isn't what I am talking about. No, I am talking about the companies who will claim delivery of items or gold and never actually deliver them. I bought a D2 CDKey off, never got it. Shame on me, for trusting the company. Did get my money back, but thats not the point. I went over to, ordered the key, got it within a short time. I can't fault ubergold, because of what d2items did to me, nor can I lump them together.
    Personally, I can't wait to see what comes around and what people will do. The old saying comes to mind, "buyer beware".

  4. Scamming should have real consequences this time. We are dealing with REAL MONEY, not online currency. Even in game trade foul ups could result in far more trouble than what they were in games like world of warcraft.