Diablo 3 Cd Key Update


So here is a quick update of the CD key that alot of you have been asking about.

The key will be given out October the 5th. Everyone that subscribes, Follows me on Twitter or Likes my Facebook page have a chance of winning, except Ivar X Kr who won the last one.

I wan't to point out this is not some kind of giveaway site, my passion is about making gold and thats what the website is all about, you should have some interest in gold aswell. If you'r just here for the CD key I would recommend you to just unsubscribe after the giveaway, It's a win win situation, I get the audience I wan't and you guys get what u wan't.

Sorry for the late gold tip It will come out on sunday, until then, remember to comment, share, spread the giveaway to you'r friends (Not like you will because that will minimize you'r chance of winning , but still worth a shot *smiles*)

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4 kommentarer:

  1. So here it is the sixth, and I am wondering where's my D3 key? You promised to hand one out to one of your loyal followers. I suspect that many of those loyal followers aren't so loyal, if they haven't yet realized that it isn't out yet. So let me throw down the gauntlet and let you know that at least one of your followers is a true follower, who checks back every couple days to see whats new... me!

  2. i´m checking the news every day, and i´m wondering, too. u wrote, u will annouce the winner of the key on oct the 5t. its oct the 6th. so, where is it? ;) i hope, u will annouce it soon :)

  3. Who is the winner for the 5th of October?

    Yeah, thought so...Fake as hell