Diablo 3 Gold Guide - Magic Find

For you guys that is not familiar with Magic Find who are a part of Diablo 2.

Magic find is a propery which will boost you'r "luck factor". With high Magic find you will be getting more magic items which of course is a good thing.

In my opinion this propery have both pros and cons. For me magic find will always be the main property of choice which means that my character won't be very poweful because of that, which sucks.

BUT In my opinion it's also a very cool feature and I am thinking of creating one character for farming with magic find and one character with my powerful gear for pvp.

What race will you play?

I have been getting a lot of question asking what class I am going to be playing, I have yet to decide between my favorite characters which is the Wizard and the Monk.

I think the Wizard will be a very good choice if you want to be a fast killer and I also think they will have a easier time stacking up magic find because they might now need as powerful gear as a melee class. Monks just look damn cool.

What Class Will You Play?

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