Invest In Rare Items With Care!

Now when the beta have been released I realy have to say the idea of buying and selling rare items has gone into dust, People have already aquired tons of legendary items in the beta and have driven the prices down ( on the gold auction house ). So I think it will be very risky to invest into "rare" and "legendary" items because of unstable prices.

There will of course be occasional exceptions with some items that will be good to invest into but I will do a post futher into the game.

How do you my fellow readers feel about the beta?

Did it held up to you'r expectations? 

I am quite happy actually, It's abit easy from times to times but It's just a quarter of the first act so there is plently of room for some harder adventures.

Beta and CD key Giveaways

Looking forward to the giveaways?

I bet you do!

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2 kommentarer:

  1. It's hard to really judge the auction house market on live servers with only data from the Diablo 3 Beta. Limited content and only having the gold auction house running on Beta are both going to cause lower prices on the gold auction house since there is only 1 option for selling on the Beta server. Plus they will probably tighten the drop rates and extend rare spawn timers on live servers.

  2. Yeah the beta is way to easy atm