Diablo 3 Key Giveaway!

Anyone ready for some giveaways?

As I have promised I will be running another Diablo 3 giveaway.

All you have to do is either Like my facebook page, Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog in the sidebar. I will give away one Diablo 3 CD key, I haven't got enough money to giveaway more at the moment, I am sorry.

Don't send me emails asking to get it befour anyone else because that will not happen.

I hope everyone have checked out the D3 beta item database?

If not, go there right away. It's some very cool items and I will make a post next that's about some possible best sellers and usefull items.

Thanks guys, comment and stay tuned.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hope to get it too have suscribed linked and looking forward to play this awesome game and your site is Great ;)

  2. Not Linked liked im mean ;) And i hope you will post more informations from your giveaway

  3. I'm Looking forward too! So when the giveaway will Happen?

  4. More information and a gold tip is coming tomorrow :)

  5. KarMel, why gold have always been your main goal?

  6. Hello Qball, It all started when I was young, I was playing Ultima Online and I realy enjoyed making gold for no reason, So I could buy the items I wanted I guess.

    Until one day when I realized I could make real money from selling the gold thats when I realy got into it and actualy made alot of money for my young age.!

    Thanks for the comment!