Random Property Equals Gold Mine!

This is something that I love, I have already touched this in a old post about how much I loved Ultima Online and how good the crafting system was there. Almost all propertys were random, in both crafting and looting.

When i saw Diablo 3 were going to have a similar system I was doing backflips, I just couldn't be more happy for two reasons.


This system is realy helping the economy to stay stable and make the best items so much more rare.


This is something very positive and good for us "hardcore" goldmakers. If you wan't the best items you have to craft alot of items, which is great because we will be buying all the cheap materials we can get just to make loads of items, which equals good propertys which equals profit.

Something thats not as easy yet is:

Which propertys will be the best sellers? And which items will be the most requested? I will touch that more involving in a futher post down the road.

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