A New World Is Coming Up

Greetings Audience!

Long time no seen! Iam happy to bring you some good and fresh news!

I have been doing alot of researching about Diablo 3 in general and I can't wait the 1 hours 10 minutes and 6 seconds for the game to release. I am currently working on alot of stuff for this website and everything wont be mentioned in this post but further posts will come and I will now get back to my posting schedule!

Here is some things I have been working on!

I am currently working on the webdesign on this page, I have already changed it quite abit but I am far from happy right now and wont stop changing it until I am fully satisfied.

I am also working on a Gold Guide that will be finished in a few weeks from now, more information about that in a later post.

I will round this post off with a gold tip that everyone should know about.

The Real Money Auction House will be published one week after the official Diablo 3 release and alot of people have been arguing if its a good or bad thing "Gold making wise" and I have a few opinions on this subject.

The game will have time to settle and prices will be somewhat stable. There will also be a huge opportunity to make alot of profit when the RMAH is released more about that in a future post.

We will actually enjoy the game at first, and not only have to think about making cash. I will be hoarding up on gold the most I can though.

We will have alot of time to prepare ourself for the RMAH release and that will make us alot of money, test the artisians, use gold to get our hands on big buck sellers and so on!

Thats it for today see you in two days and remember..

Keep on gaming!

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