Best Wizard And Barb Speccs

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Today I will show you the best Wizard AOE specc and the best Barb Tank specc, just click the "click to continue" button and let the information flow over you!

I also have some other pro tips to help you out with your leveling and gold farming, enjoy guys!

So this is my current AOE(Area of Effect) build.

Link To Diablo 3s Specc Calculator

This specc is working wonderfull, if you aint level 30 yet and don't know what all the spells is doing I will explain realy quick.

Offense Spells:

Electrocute: This spell is easly explained like a chainligthing spell which damage all mobs around.
Meteor: This spell is basically a falling meteror that damage all the mobs in range.
Familiar: You will summon a wisp that follows you around and damage enemies.

Defensive Spells:

Teleport: Lets you teleport around and with the wormhole rune you can teleport 4-5 times without waiting for the cooldown. This spell is amazing to dodge heavy hitting mobs and move around fast which is very necessary.
Slow Time: This spell is probably the most important one, it creates a bubble which makes monsters walk slower, hit slower and cast spells slower, and with the Time Warp rune the monsters will take 20% more damage which is amazing!
Energy Armor: This is kinda like a defensive bubble around you, which buffs your armor but take some of your arcane power(mana) but it is totaly worth it in my book.

Here is one of the best Barb speccs around

Link To Diablo 3s Specc Calculator

Unfortunately I can't give you any depth on what everything is doing because I haven't played a Barb yet.

This Tip Will Improve Everyones Gameplay And Everyone Should Know About It!

In the picture down below you see two yellow squares, all the boxes inside them should be filled in, I will explain why in a second. They are located in Option and then go to the gameplay tab

Everything in the big yellow square is pretty safe explaining why they should be checked, but the "Elective Mod" button is abit more complicated, it allows you to use what ever spells you want, so you dont have to use one spell from each tab, instead you can use for example three which can be a huge advantage.

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And as always guys, keep on gaming!

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