Diablo 3 Diablo Infernal Down

Greetings Audience!

I have been very busy playing the game recently and I have been putting alot of hours into the game. I am having alot of fun and finding alot of new farming spots, gold making strategies and progressing through the game, I currently have two characters one level 43 Monk and one level 37 Wizard and closing in to my first One Million Gold Earned!

There is alot of high level teams competing over getting through the difficulty level infernal first and I will go ahead and link some streams and Youtube chanels so you guys can check them out!

Method Stream - (currently working on diablo in act 4)

Team Nolife - (Krippans team currently working on diablo in act4)

Krippans Youtube chanel - (Team Nolife)

Make sure to check all of them out and learn some high level strategies!

Thanks for reading guys, make sure to subscribe in the white and black box in the top right

and as always..

Keep on gaming!

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