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I hear from alot of people that is afraid to use to auction house in regards to lose gold, I know its hard to use without much knowledge but today I will give you a gold making tip that can't lose you gold.

The majority of people have not even tried to learn the auction house and are now selling away their items for bargins and the gold sharks are feeding on them right at this moment.

And I am among the sharks. Basically there is only one way I can lose gold on this and that is if blizzard lower the price that vendors buy salvaged mats for.

You might ask yourself how to do it, here is how

 To begin with you will want to buy

Subtle Essence for 13 gold or lower
Shimmering Essence for 29 gold or lower
and Wishful Essence for 43 gold or lower

people sell mats for those prices all the time and sometimes you can snag 200-300 wishfull essence for as low as 15g a piece.

If you buy for this prices you can sell it back to a vendor if the market would crash(which it most certainly wont) or sell the mats for a 4-6x markup when the RMAH comes out.

I would also recommend to buy the higher tier mats for


Lizzard Eye 150g or lower
Encrusted Hood 100g or lower

That is what I would suggest you to do in regards to the RMAH release that hopefully will come pretty soon!

Make sure to check the AH for these mats everyime your at the AH screen to find some cheap bargains. 

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keep on gaming

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