Crafting Becomes Cheaper In The Next Patch

Blizzard just posted some information about the next patch (1.02), which is coming within the next week and some very interesting changes to the crafting system is coming that will have alot of potential to increase your profits.

 To start of I will paste some interesting information from the Diablo 3 website, which I found both fun and interesting to read!

  •     On average players have created 3 characters each
  •     80% of characters are between levels 1 and 30
  •     1.9% of characters have unlocked Inferno difficulty
  •     The majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act I Normal
  •     The most common level 60 build in the game is only used by 0.7% of level 60 characters of that class (not including Passive diversity)
Back to the crafting changes.

They are basically going to change the crafting system and make it alot cheaper until maxed so everyones artisans can be leveled with them while playing normaly.

Low Levels

They are also going to make the low level gems, armor and weapons cheaper to craft which will affect the low level item prices, I am not sure how much it will affect the prices but they will probably drop a little bit, and if they don't change the droprate of crafting materials they will probably raise alot in price and selling of some crafting mateials that you have bought might be an option.

I still think selling low level items will have an increased profit after the patch because even if it gets cheaper to level up your crafting skills, most people wont bother until level 60 and just skip to craft the low level ones, and even if this change will make low level items cheaper on the AH they wont drop that much in price and the cheaper crafting will make up for it.

Higher Levels

I think the big moneymakers with artisans will be rare patterns for the best items, get your hands on a few of those and you will be able to make alot of money even if they wont lower the crafting costs of lvl 60 items, a good items with perfect properties will sell for up to 50 millions right now depending on the item type, and prices are just getting higher and higher.

Go read the full post it was alot of fun reading, and as always..

keep on gaming!

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  1. thx, for keeping us posted, but we need more farming spots!, please im broke.