One Cent Or Lower?

A common question is: Should I undercut my opponent by a cent or should I charge as little as possible?

In World of Warcraft a very famous guy named greedy goblin had his new input on making gold. (I am not sure if greedy goblin invented this) He told his audience to charge as little as they possible could to scare away their opponents and completely own the market by themselves. To make this happen you would have to buy an extremely large amount of items so the seller would go down in price and you could make cheaper items than your competition.

This is something I have tried and didn’t quite like and in Diablo 3 I believe it will be near impossible to pull off, because of the random property system and the high amount of people trying to make money.
If you would have the luck to come across several Chinese gold farmers which would supply you with materials for an extremely cheap price I would not hesitate to try this method because if you got Tons and Tons with materials, you can sell away the crafted items for a cheap price but in the same time sell loads more than you would by just undercutting with a cent.

The thing in Diablo 3 is that crafting a lot of items will pay off either way because a lot of items crafted means you are driving down the luck factor of getting a “good” property weapon which sells for a lot of gold or money.

I hope this will help you guys, remember to comment and subscribe and also keep owning!

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