A Way To Get Ahead of Your Competition

I don’t think this has been mentioned a lot but I think it will very likely happen. People will go around the RMAH to cut down their losses on for example AH fees. What is forcing people to use Blizzards RMAH? Nothing, so why not put up their own website with items they are selling? I haven’t looked into this a lot but if this is legal (which it probably not is), this is something I definitely will do.
This is something that could put you “ahead” of the rest of your competition and you will be able to buy up materials for a slim bit more expensive and sell for the same price as the other people trying to make money of the game.

This isn’t something very easy to do though, you have to put up a website and you would probably want to end up pretty high on the google search engine to maximize your profit. If you consider doing this I recommend you going to http://thetrafficblogger.com// and look through the information about how to be found on the internet search engines.


There Is a big chance this is Illegal and more posts about this will come in the near future. I do absolutely not recommend doing anything illegal and I won’t use this method if it’s illegal because that will just cause me and you readers for that matter, bad things in the long run.
Update post on this is coming very soon!

Thanks for reading guys, remember to share, comment and keep owning!

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