Be Carefull When Taking Part Of The Diablo 3 Beta Gold Tips

I've seen alot of Gold tips floating around the internet lately,
some have been good and some have been worse.
While the beta is a great tool to get some early information
about how the market will look, It's almost impossible to predict
the prices, or find certain ways to make gold/money.

First off, the beta bucks is not worth anything in the players eyes which mean people won't care for them, but when the real game is released and people start using their own money things will change. The market will completely change and making money will be ten times harder.

So remember when the game is released and you got this killer way to make some gold or money, wait a few hours (or minutes in some case) and see if it also will be profitable in the real game and not only in the beta.

Blizzard will probably also change alot of things around in the real game which means you'r way to make money might have changed.

Just a quick tip for you guys, take care and remember to keep owning!

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