Diablo 3 - Get Gold or Money for Working

A lot of you people have probably done a job for money or gold, It can be anything from a summerjob to a boost in world of warcraft.
This will also be a possibility in Diablo 3, in form of boosts, hire someones time, hire their crafting skills etc.
This is a very good way to make some extra cash, but always remember to charge enough for you’re time. It’s very common people boost and craft for free which is not an option if you want to maximize you’re income. Sure there are a few exceptions, you’re friends, guild members and so on. But always remember you’re working for them when for example, you boost them which means they should pay.

I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me and sure you will make a few friends along the way when boosting and doing work for free, but.. you will also make friends along the way when trying to maximize you’re earnings and I won’t play the game to get hundreds of friends, that’s not the reason I came here.

Crafting for a fee is great for two reasons.

1. You are using their materials to level up your Artian skills
2.  You are getting paid for it, which is two great deals in one!

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Keep on owning guys.

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  1. I see your point. But your first argument ("You are using their materials to level up your Artian skills") is pretty much invalid, as you don't skill by crafting stuff, but by simply throwing money (plus tomes / mats) at the artisan. D3 is different to for example WoW in that regard.

  2. Thanks for the comment cash!

    Actually I wrote this post some time agk and I guess I didn't have enough knowledge in the subject thank,s for pointing this out!