Quick Tip When The Mats Become Available At The AH Again

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Just doing a quick tip for today because I am also working on a video that will come out later tonight with the best gold farming spot I have come up with so far.

But for now lets stick to the quck tip. The salvage mats on the Auction House are currently down for whatever reason, so people cant sell their mats, but when the AH works correctly again people will be like selling of their mats like crazy and drive the prices down, which will be an perfect moment to build up your stockpile of shimmering and wishful essence as I recommended in my post two days ago.

(I am not sure if the AH is down on US also)

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Crafting Becomes Cheaper In The Next Patch

Blizzard just posted some information about the next patch (1.02), which is coming within the next week and some very interesting changes to the crafting system is coming that will have alot of potential to increase your profits.

Stockpile Crafting Materials

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I hear from alot of people that is afraid to use to auction house in regards to lose gold, I know its hard to use without much knowledge but today I will give you a gold making tip that can't lose you gold.

Diablo 3 Gold And Experience Farming Run

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I was playing around on my level 57 monk this evening to find new farming spots and came out with great success!

I made a video to show you more detailed how to do it.

On nigthmare difficulty you get over one million experience per hour and also over 100k gold per hour.

On hell you can more than double those numbers.

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I am also working on some great Auction House gold making tactics so stay tuned for that!

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Diablo 3 Farming Spot 2 - Updated

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Found another great farming spot, check it out!

There is a few problems with this spot. Lots of people is farming there right now and blizzard will probably fix the spot as soon as possible so make sure to be quick, its also a pretty nice leveling spot!

Make sure to get as high magic find as you can get, play the highest difficulty you can and do it fast to maximize your profits!

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The Real Money Auction House Release Date Changed

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So today when I checked Diablo 3s main website I saw they had moved the release date of the RMAH not a biggie for some people but a huge deal for others.

I think it wont make any big changes gold making wise except you will have to wait until you can make real money.

Here is a quick link for the post if you are interested.

I will just keep on making gold, a new gold tip released tomorrow and a youtube gold making video today.
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Diablo 3 Diablo Infernal Down

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I have been very busy playing the game recently and I have been putting alot of hours into the game. I am having alot of fun and finding alot of new farming spots, gold making strategies and progressing through the game, I currently have two characters one level 43 Monk and one level 37 Wizard and closing in to my first One Million Gold Earned!

There is alot of high level teams competing over getting through the difficulty level infernal first and I will go ahead and link some streams and Youtube chanels so you guys can check them out!

Method Stream - (currently working on diablo in act 4)

Team Nolife - (Krippans team currently working on diablo in act4)

Krippans Youtube chanel - (Team Nolife)

Make sure to check all of them out and learn some high level strategies!

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Best Wizard And Barb Speccs

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Today I will show you the best Wizard AOE specc and the best Barb Tank specc, just click the "click to continue" button and let the information flow over you!

I also have some other pro tips to help you out with your leveling and gold farming, enjoy guys!

Diablo 3 Farming Spot

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Got a great farming spot for you today! Check out the video to find the spot!

In this video I got about 40% magic find, which is complete trash! I will be increasing that number to around 200% and then this spot will be amazing!

But there is some requirements, you have to be around level 30-32 and have played your way to the fourth act which will take about 10-15 hours depending on your playstyle.

I can do about 50 bosses per hour and each boss grants me 2-5 blues, gems, 800 gold and sometimes a rare!

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Diablo 3 Crashing Servers - Update

Me: Oh my god Jim I can't wait!
Jim: Me neither, this is going to be so awesome!

Me: Jim, I am getting error messages, are you getting in?
Jim: No I am also getting those error messages..
Me: Oh poor Blizzard.. I knew this were going to happen.

And So It Begins..

A New World Is Coming Up

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Long time no seen! Iam happy to bring you some good and fresh news!

I have been doing alot of researching about Diablo 3 in general and I can't wait the 1 hours 10 minutes and 6 seconds for the game to release. I am currently working on alot of stuff for this website and everything wont be mentioned in this post but further posts will come and I will now get back to my posting schedule!

Here is some things I have been working on!