One Of The Best Inferno Farming Spots

Greetings Audience!

Got one hell of an farming spot for you today. I would say you have to be a decent geared dps class in inferno difficulty to do it, and its in act 2 so a alot of high end items will drop. I make anywhere from 500k-1 million per hour doing this.

If you can stack magicfind gear also, this spot will be even better, I am doing this on my level 60 wizard right now with about 150 magic find and I get 1-2 rare drops on avrage.

Make sure to sell the high end items on the AH!

I will write a guide tomorrow about how to price items on the AH because I know alot of people having trouble with that.

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keep on gaming!

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  1. The problem with Diablo 3 (though its not really a problem, just a worthy point) is that it is a linear game run like an MMORPG. This means you deal with the same issues like downed server times and skill changes/updates you get from an MMO without the same type of persistent open world that makes it great. Of course, Blizzard is generally pretty good at addressing bugs which are present at release, so I trust they will deal with the server issues, but this still deals with the need to stay on top of updates so you don't wind up with a gimped build. This does not matter so much at the lower difficulty level, but at insane or higher, you need a SOLID build and SOLID tactics, and strategy guides get outdated almost as soon as they are released. I've found that I've had pretty good success, though, by relying on the gamers over at the Inferno Codex, as they are constantly putting up new material, new guides, new tactics, new ways to make gold and get the right gear, and responding to the updates as they come out. I've beat the game on Hell with my witch doctor, I'm now trying to finish it on Blizzard with my Demon Hunter. Once I finish that, I'm going to try my hand at PvP and dig into their PvP section for a solid build for that purpose.

  2. Some very valid points there Derek.

    I know what you mean with everything getting outdated, I try my best to keep everything up to date and not fall behind but It is realy hard and that is why I mainly write about how to make gold, because thats what I am good at and when I mainly focus on that, I will keep myself up to date. Thats why you should keep following my blog if you want mainly goldtips.

    Thanks for the comment!

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  4. this got fixed the same day u posted =(

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