Diablo 3 Gold Tip

Greetings Audience!
Got another gold tip coming today and it has a lot of potential of making you a lot of gold and money.

So recently attack speed was heavily nerfed. People are trying to figure out how to adept to this and get back the DPS they lost, a lot of high end player are going with crit hit chance increase and crit damage increase and I think a lot more players will start using this.

So basically you should start buying cheap crit armor and even weapons with crit damage to resell them later for a higher cost.

I don’t think attack speed items will drop that much in price because it is still one of the best and most important properties to have on certain classes.

Thats it, make sure to do it fast before everyone starts buying this items. Thanks for reading and as always..

keep on gaming

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  1. I just think scaling ALL wow gold pvp gear down to 496 is dumb, i'm all for it scaling down in instanced pvp to lvl the playing field and i think that is a great wow po idea. But why can't my elite tyranical be a little better? Why am i not allowed to have that feeling of progression? Does blizzard expect me to raid now to progress my character? Do they really feel chasing ratings is enough "progression" for pvpers? These are the things that worry me. Just wish blizz was a little more wow gold pas cher vocal, because i do really like some of the changes.