Millions Of Gold Per Hour With Blacksmithing

Greetings Audience!

First I will link you to my stream, a fresh made one. I will be farming, crafting 6 property items for a low fee and more -

Todays tip is about crafting, and probably the best gold making strategy to use.

So what you need is good patterns. 6 property patterns and the most looked after patterns is boots, chest, gloves and helms.

Then what you want to do is craft all this items with a fee of maybe 50k gold and they pay for the rest. You can also craft with your mats and make them pay for that too, that might attract more buyers that are lazy.

I would recommend creating posts on diablo 3 forums about your crafting service, make a stream to show people you are serious and don't steal the good crafts.

If you own a big youtube chanel or stream and you are able to do this for hours you can make tens of millions in no time.

That is it for today, thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe in the sidebar and as always..

keep on gaming.

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