Patch 1.0.3 - How To Make Millions Of Gold

How to make gold in patch 1.0.3

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Okey so today I will cover the patch 1.0.3 and how you should maximize your chances to make huge profits.

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And now for the tips..

Let’s start with Equipment.

Equipment won’t be very profitable to stockpile in patch 1.0.3 because no major changes to them are coming. But if you really want to stockpile some items I would recommend buying high dex/str/int magic find gear because people that will be farming act2 for ilvl 63 items will be stacking magicfind (I am one of them).

I have also heard a nerf is coming to attackspeed so it might be an idea to sell those items of (this might not be true though)

And last but not least I can recommend to buy the bugged legendaries that are selling very cheap on the AH and resell them when they get fixed.

You should probably stockpile all flawless square gems you can get your hands on because they will become more expensive it’s just a question of time. Blizzard is also thinking about adding gems to blacksmithing so gems are required to craft items which would increase the prices by a lot!
      Here is a top 4 list of which gems you should focus on buying. 
  1.  Emerald
  2. Amethyst
  3. Topaz
  4. Rubies
Crafting Material
Okey so this is where most of my gold is going. Crafting is becoming cheaper and the hard acts are getting nerfed which means people can progress easier and get better patterns for crafting and you know what that means.. more gold are put into crafting materials and more gold are coming to us.
This is my top 5 list on what Crafting Materials you should stockpile

  1. Tome of Secrets – You can have 1k per stack which means they don’t take a lot of space and they have a good chance to double to triple its price
  2. Equisite Essence
  3. Iridecent Tear
  4. Whishful Essence
  5. Shimmering Essence
Other important things in the patch

They are actually going to add a cancel auction feature finally which is absolutely fantastic, so we don’t have to lost a few of our auction house slots because of undercuts or misspriced items.

Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions leave a comment down below, and as always..

keep on gaming

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  1. I was thinking... Will the plans rise or fall in price ? :)
    Thank you for this guide, it is awesome ;)



    How to cancel auctions already now!

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