Buy Exquisite Essence Fast!

Greetings Audience

This will be a very short but helpfull tip, currently the AH is flooded with exquisite essence and price on EU servers are down at 600g! I would recommend to buy as much as you can afford to put away if you buy lower than 700g.

Thats it guys, just a quick reminder that the material AH is up and running again.

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keep on gaming

3 kommentarer:

  1. why is the price both on essence & tome of secrets going up?

    just curious =)

    btw. i like the thing that you're not taking money for the tips like other people =)

  2. I think the reason why they are going up now is because a lot of people dinged level 60 while the Crafting AH was down and when it went live again people wanted to craft some gear and the prices went up.

    They will become even more expensive in the patch 1.0.3 though because then everyone will want to craft!


  3. Also thanks for the comment, and I might release something cheap to earn money in the future. But I will always keep on posting free tips here that have higher standards than most pay sites.