Stockpile Tome Of Secrets

Greeting Audience!

A full post about what to stockpile for patch 1.0.3 coming tomorrow.

But today you can do some great deals with tome of secrets, they are selling for 250-300 on EU and these guys will skyrocket in patch 1.0.3 so I recommend go straight to the AH and buy as much as you can afford to invest. An explaination why they will skyrocket will come with the post tomorrow.

Also keep in mind you want to keep some gold for other investments also.
EU Auction House just went back up also!

Let us together make tens of millions in patch 1.0.3 with my knowledge!

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keep on gaming

3 kommentarer:

  1. hi,

    they are currently selling at 380g , how much u think they'll cost with 1.03 patch

  2. AS you can see they are already rising, I would not be suprized if the tomes will sell for 1-2k gold each.

  3. I hope you are speaking the truth!
    I just bound all my money, into tomes of secret!! :)