Diablo 3 Inferno Down

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I am very happy today! I just took down Diablo on inferno and it was surprisingly easy. I can farm act 3 inferno pretty easy now with my monk and I am realy happy how everything is working out.

I have also made my first 30 million gold and I am now aiming for 1 billion!

I will try to write about my progress and share all the tips and tricks I use with you guys!

Are you having problem with beating Diablo on inferno or any other boss for that matter, feel free to add goldiablo#2152 and I will gladly help you when I get time, totaly free.

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Selling The Best Guide On The Market

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Okey so today I just made up my mind that I should start selling Markos Diablo 3 Gold Guide as an affiliate. I do realy recommend you buying the guide for the cheap coins and join a huge gold making community today.

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But you might think that there is no reason to buy the guide.

But trust me, this will help your gold grow a lot more and as I have been teaching you guys, you should always be looking for new resources of information.

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Broadcasting Farming Spots live

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Showing of some great farming runs and spots right now on twitch tv at Twitch.Tv/Emilsgaming

Make sure to check it out and ask questions!

[I might talk some swedish with my mates]

Will answear all I get, thanks and remember..

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Diablo 3 Gold Tip

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Got another gold tip coming today and it has a lot of potential of making you a lot of gold and money.

Millions Of Gold Per Hour With Blacksmithing

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First I will link you to my stream, a fresh made one. I will be farming, crafting 6 property items for a low fee and more - Twitch.tv/Emilsgaming

Todays tip is about crafting, and probably the best gold making strategy to use.

Diablo 3 RMAH Is Live

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I am just here to tell you that the Real Money Auction House just went live so hurry and check it out!

Patch 1.0.3 - How To Make Millions Of Gold

How to make gold in patch 1.0.3

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Have a big post coming for you today so make sure to subscribe in the sidebar to show your support. I really appreciate it!

Okey so today I will cover the patch 1.0.3 and how you should maximize your chances to make huge profits.

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And now for the tips..

Stockpile Tome Of Secrets

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A full post about what to stockpile for patch 1.0.3 coming tomorrow.

But today you can do some great deals with tome of secrets, they are selling for 250-300 on EU and these guys will skyrocket in patch 1.0.3 so I recommend go straight to the AH and buy as much as you can afford to invest. An explaination why they will skyrocket will come with the post tomorrow.

Also keep in mind you want to keep some gold for other investments also.
EU Auction House just went back up also!

Let us together make tens of millions in patch 1.0.3 with my knowledge!

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Buy Exquisite Essence Fast!

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This will be a very short but helpfull tip, currently the AH is flooded with exquisite essence and price on EU servers are down at 600g! I would recommend to buy as much as you can afford to put away if you buy lower than 700g.

Thats it guys, just a quick reminder that the material AH is up and running again.

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One Of The Best Inferno Farming Spots

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Got one hell of an farming spot for you today. I would say you have to be a decent geared dps class in inferno difficulty to do it, and its in act 2 so a alot of high end items will drop. I make anywhere from 500k-1 million per hour doing this.

If you can stack magicfind gear also, this spot will be even better, I am doing this on my level 60 wizard right now with about 150 magic find and I get 1-2 rare drops on avrage.

Make sure to sell the high end items on the AH!

I will write a guide tomorrow about how to price items on the AH because I know alot of people having trouble with that.

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