Tome Of Secrets Is Rising - Next Up Is Patch 1.0.4

Greetings Audience!

Guess what? Tome Of Secrets have risen from the dead! And as I said in a post a few weeks back, they would rise in price and I told you to pick them up for 200g a pop, now they are at 500-600gold per and if you did as I said you did probably make a big chunk of gold.

But I do not recommend to sell your tomes just yet, wait for the RMAH commodity release for a even higher price.

You might even want to pick up a few more tomes now for 500g a pop.

If you want to make tens of millions in the next big patches, 1.0.4 and 1.1, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and I will create a big post about everything you should be stockpiling for free!

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Keep on gaming guys

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  1. Wow it's already rising!! Going to buy lots of them RIGHT NOW :D