Beat Inferno With A Very Low Amount Of Gold

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When I have nothing to do, I watch a lot of Diablo 3 streams, and I have noticed a lot of people is doing this "budget" thing. They buy gear from the Auction House for a limited amount of gold and then try to beat the inferno difficulty level with it.

I got in touch with one of the first players to beat the game on softcore and the first player to beat the game on hardcore, Kripparian. He gave me permission to post his videos on my website, so why not share his video with his "budget" barb that he used to beat the game with.

This is a guide how you can get a mixture of the stats you need from diffrent parts of gear to get good stats without spending a lot of gold.

If you are having trouble beating the game, make sure to use this video and play the AH right to get the gear you need.

This is possible with all kinds of classes not only barbs, but some classes might be a little bit more expensive.

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  1. I've beaten inferno on my barb with a gear worth under 3 millions ;)