How To See The Stats On Unidentified Items In Diablo 3

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Do not buy unidentified items, you can actually predict the stats on the items by using a c++ program that looks like the program down below. The picture explains how everything works.

*You have to get the input string from the AH sell bar and not ingame otherways it wont work*

You can check how many affixes the item got without using the program if you are afraid of downloading it, just use this method

you get a code like this.

then you can know rare quality of UNID'd item now.
0:0:6:0 - 4-affix rare
0:0:7:0 - 5-affix rare
0:0:8:0 - 6-affix rare

You can actually use this program and keep the good ones and sell the bad ones, its not very ethic but if your not a guy that cares about moral, go ahead.

The program can be forund Here
The creator of the program can be found Here

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Thankf for reading guys and as always

keep on gaming

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