How To Sell Your Diablo 3 Gold

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Gold and commodity sales was recently released on the RMAH and you are probably eager to make some money, but stay a while and listen before you sell any of your gold.

I would not recommend anyone to sell their gold on the RMAH simply because there are loads of ways you can make a lot more money per million than just selling pure gold.

You can check out Diablo 3 Gold Secrets under the RMAH strategies for several good ways to make more dollars per million.

What you want to do is finding a good niche, I could tell you straight up what to buy on the AH and then resell on the RMAH but it would not be as usefull as finding your own unique niche. What I mean with finding your own niche is that you should find a market on the gold ah that is not to complicated and you want to be able to sell the items on the RMAH for about 2-3 dollar per item, because of the fees. What do I mean with not to complicated market? Well you should try focusing on items like this:

Armor with magic find/gold find and pickup radius, you buy the items on the gold ah when its cheap and then resell on the rmah for the regular price, doing this and finding diffrent combinations of items like this will get to a lot more  money than just selling the gold straight up. you can make as much as 1 dollar per 100k gold.

Another great niche to look at is amulets and rings, find diffrent combinations on the gold ah for about 100-300k and then look for similiar on the rmah and if they are selling for a few dollars a piece, then go for it!

If you are having trouble finding your niche then I again recommend Diablo 3 Gold Secrets, you can find a lot of diffrent niches there and other ways to make heavy amount of gold.

Thanks for reading guys and as always..

keep on gaming

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