Make Playing Diablo 3 Fun

Greetings Audience!

I get a lot of emails from people telling me how shitty Diablo 3 are.

Well a few weeks ago I could not do more than agree, Diablo 3 was the biggest let down in my gaming career.

After patch 1.0.4 I actually got some hope and after I read the blog post that Jay Wilson wrote apologizing and explaining a lot of background information about diablo 3 I actually got chills. Diablo 3 have taken a huge leap into the right direction and I actually think it will be a really good and well done game in a few months.

But today I am going to give you a few tips how to make Diablo 3 fun again.

Reroll a new class. I was playing a wizard at the start and leveled it to 44 then I rerolled monk because I wizard felt under powered in my opinion and I was playing monk for about 300 hours played until I became very bored then I started leveling my wizard again and gearing up him, I was having a ton of fun again and I recommend you doing the same!

Start up a stream or youtube channel and start engaging with your audience, this is actually a very good way to have fun playing!

Get along and play with some friends its not the most efficient way but its way more enjoyable.

Farm different acts don't always do the same act over and over again.

Set up goals for you to achieve while you are playing

Put on some realy good music, I recommend using Spotify, you can use it for free for a while then buy it for a 7 dollar subscription a month or something, its great.

Thats it guys I hope you enjoyed it and until next time

keep on gaming

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