How To Successfully Snipe Auctions

Greetings Audience.

With patch 1.0.4 the Auction House got some pretty nifty updates.

We can now easlier search for item in whatever way we would like, which means sniping items actually got a lot more easy to do, here is why.

Sniping auctions before the patch was a huge pain, because you had to start back at page one after each refresh and competing with the bots were almost impossible so if you ever pulled of a real good deal, it was a lot of luck involved.

Well now you can search items after remaining time, which means you can constantly refresh the auction house and see all the freshlisted items. My personal favorites is 1-handers with socket and crit damage, I have bought weapons for as low as 2500g and then resold for several millions.

Just constantly refresh the AH and when you see a weapon with 700dps+ for a low price, quickly check the stats and then buy it if its a good deal.

If the weapon costs only a few thousands gold and still have decent dps just buy it before you check the stats and the bots wont have time to react.

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  1. Not only that, the auction cancel feature will really save a lot of time and effort

    1. Yeah I think its great that they finally added that!