How To Equip Two 2handers [Exploit]

Greetings audience

Came across this exploit today on how to dualwield 2-handers. Here is a guide on how to do it.

First make sure to check the auto equip box in option under gameplay.

Secondly wear your main 2-hander.

Then have your bag full except 2 slots.

Give your friend your other 2-hander and another 2 slot item.

Tell your friend to put the random 2 slot item in the first trading box and the 2-hander in the second trading box (but in the same trade session).

Now the first item will go to your bag and the other will autoequip and that being your 2-hander.

Have fun and this will probably be hotfixed very soon, I am also not sure if this will bann you but if it does I am not responsible.

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keep on gaming.

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