Be Carefull When Taking Part Of The Diablo 3 Beta Gold Tips

I've seen alot of Gold tips floating around the internet lately,
some have been good and some have been worse.
While the beta is a great tool to get some early information
about how the market will look, It's almost impossible to predict
the prices, or find certain ways to make gold/money.

First off, the beta bucks is not worth anything in the players eyes which mean people won't care for them, but when the real game is released and people start using their own money things will change. The market will completely change and making money will be ten times harder.

So remember when the game is released and you got this killer way to make some gold or money, wait a few hours (or minutes in some case) and see if it also will be profitable in the real game and not only in the beta.

Blizzard will probably also change alot of things around in the real game which means you'r way to make money might have changed.

Just a quick tip for you guys, take care and remember to keep owning!

Diablo 3 - Get Gold or Money for Working

A lot of you people have probably done a job for money or gold, It can be anything from a summerjob to a boost in world of warcraft.
This will also be a possibility in Diablo 3, in form of boosts, hire someones time, hire their crafting skills etc.
This is a very good way to make some extra cash, but always remember to charge enough for you’re time. It’s very common people boost and craft for free which is not an option if you want to maximize you’re income. Sure there are a few exceptions, you’re friends, guild members and so on. But always remember you’re working for them when for example, you boost them which means they should pay.

I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me and sure you will make a few friends along the way when boosting and doing work for free, but.. you will also make friends along the way when trying to maximize you’re earnings and I won’t play the game to get hundreds of friends, that’s not the reason I came here.

Crafting for a fee is great for two reasons.

1. You are using their materials to level up your Artian skills
2.  You are getting paid for it, which is two great deals in one!

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Keep on owning guys.

Multiple Accounts Will Pay Off In Diablo 3

Back in business guys! Lets get straight into the topic

The power of multible account.

Have you ever thought of buying multiple accounts when it comes to Diablo 3? Well atleast I have and by the fact that you read this post, that’s more than enough.

I have several good reasons why you should invest in at least one more Diablo 3 account and the profit would be increasing by the more accounts you have.
1.       By the fact that you will actually make the invested money back in forms of nofee auctions. Blizzard have promised us a non set amount of free auctions posts a week which means if you use the auction posts correctly you will after a while make the account cost back.

2.     Another good reason to own multiple accounts is that, and all the “oldschool” diablo players probably already know this and that the monsters on the server you’re playing are growing in strength for each player online. That basically means when you are strong enough and have a high enough developed character you can have multiple accounts online on the same server and therefor fight harder monsters which also equals higher tier loot.

3.     The third reason is that there will probably be quest object that can only be acquired once and that means with several accounts you get more of those items that will hopefully not be soulbound and therefor probably be worth a whole lot. (This factor is probably nothing to count on but is very worth to have in mind when it comes to buy another account)

There you have a few good points why it’s very worth the money to buy another (or a few other) accounts and you will make your money back just from the free posts at the auction house.

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Keep on owning guys.