How To Successfully Snipe Auctions

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With patch 1.0.4 the Auction House got some pretty nifty updates.

We can now easlier search for item in whatever way we would like, which means sniping items actually got a lot more easy to do, here is why.

Sniping auctions before the patch was a huge pain, because you had to start back at page one after each refresh and competing with the bots were almost impossible so if you ever pulled of a real good deal, it was a lot of luck involved.

Well now you can search items after remaining time, which means you can constantly refresh the auction house and see all the freshlisted items. My personal favorites is 1-handers with socket and crit damage, I have bought weapons for as low as 2500g and then resold for several millions.

Just constantly refresh the AH and when you see a weapon with 700dps+ for a low price, quickly check the stats and then buy it if its a good deal.

If the weapon costs only a few thousands gold and still have decent dps just buy it before you check the stats and the bots wont have time to react.

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How To Make Your Auctions Sell

Greetings audience

A lot of people are having trouble selling their items and so do I.

So earlier today I was doing my regular sniping round on the auction house and something struck me.

I am only looking on the 1day 11hours items because thats where you will find your deals. But now when you can relist your items on the auction house, why not always keep your auctions at 1 days and 11 hours?

Every time you finish a farming run, just relist all your items for the same price as you did before but now a lot more people will watch your item.

A very simple trick but it works wonders.

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Taking Advantage Over The Paragon System

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Okey so we recently got to know that the paragon system is being introduced in patch 1.0.4. This is a great thing and will probably get diablo 3 back to life. The patch 1.0.4 have gotten a lot of positive feedback that blizzard is moving diablo 3 in the right direction and I am also positive against it.

Today I am going to talk about how you should take advantage over the paragon system and why it will affect certain markets.

One of the markets I think are worth investing in before the paragon grind begins is the gem market, and more exactly rubies. Why you might ask yourself, well it is kind of simple actually, and the answer is Increase Bonus Experience by XX%. It is confirmed that experience bonus will work with the paragon system, so I am very confident we will see an increase in price on rubies so I would recommend investing in some of them.

The second market is pretty much self explained from what I told you about the rubies. Good experience bonus armor parts. People will be looking for good armor parts with these stats, but I think these will decrease in price after a few days after the patch when people start realizing it is not worth using experience bonus gear because you lose to many necessary stats.

How To Make Millions Of Gold In Patch 1.0.4

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I haven't been posting a whole lot I know, but thats because I've been working on another project.


Propergamer is an eMagazine about gaming economics that I am selling for a few bucks, I have already made my first magazine and I am offering one months subscription dirt cheap. In the magazine I have covered the whole patch 1.0.4, I have written about every detail I could think about and it ended up being over 15 pages of gold making strategies, just for patch 1.0.4 so make sure to go there and buy a copy!

But you guys know me and of course I will release some free tips also!

And this has also been covered in the magazine.

Natalyas set pieces these bad boys are currently skyrocketing because people like you and me are buying them out so we will be able to resell them later for HUGE profits, this is why.

Blizzard released just a few hours ago that natalyas set are going to have a change, in the change they will remove the now very overpowered set piece bonus 2 discipline regeneration and replace it with +20 discipline bonus.

They wont however change the old natalyas set pieces so they will still remain overpowered and if they wont drop at all after patch 1.0.4 (which is very likely) the best natalyas set pieces will be worth billions.

Thats it guys, I would recommend buying at least a few set pieces, dont have to be the most expensive ones. I bought about 6 natalyas chest pieces for 500k each two weeks ago and they are already over 2 million each.

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Getting Back To The Fun!

Greetings Audience

Haven't been playing as much Diablo recently, just didn't enjoy the game as much as I did at the start.

A few days ago I started messing around on my wizard and I fell in love, I am having so much fun!

Stayed up 10 hours in a row just farming act 1. I built a magic find set and a very interesting build. I got 4 legendarys and to much iLvl 63s to count!

I will release a guide on the specc and build tomorrow so until then..

keep on gaming!